Friday, 30 September 2011

Some history about La boca


First i want to say that i like all the houses, shops and paintings that are in la Boca. I care from la Boca the paintings and the shops. In this neighborhood emerged and many artists come and cultural expressions of all kinds. One of the greates artistic references of la Boca was the painter Quinquela Martín. Quinquela Martin lived in this neighborhood and donated land for the creation of school-museum Pedro de Mendoza, whose classrooms decorated with themes from the port. He also created the Ribera theather , whose walls are also covered by his work.
One of the most renowned Argentine painters, Quinquela Martin spent almost all his work and his life to shape the face of la Boca, was concerned with preserving the appearance of the area and even named it the iconic street museum "Caminito "in homage to a famous tango. This street is a quaint neighborhood shows, a must for tourists.
La Boca is a neighborhood characterized as funny people, loud and melancholy. Xeneixe spoke the dialect, that of the Genoese, as if on their land. They were hard working and caring, they came to form numerous institutions of community support, edited newspapers and sports and cultural clubs founded, but i want to know if la Boca´s river is now in good conditions or in bad conditions. Boca Juniors was founded on Monday, April 3, 1905, when a handful of young Italian immigrant residents of the neighborhood. The emblematic neighborhood of la Boca is so called because it is precisely in this sector Creek forms a "mouth" to throw water into the River Plate.
Even if it was discussed in this neighborhood where Pedro de Mendoza founded the first time the city of Buenos Aires, but surely the banks of the Riachuelo was their first port. There is a theater and schools called Quinquela Mariín. Also here are some pictures of Quinquela Martin he did when he started painting:

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